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denn WIR verleihen wirklich Flügel !!!

Tours / Safety

Have you ever dreamed of flying into Venice, Italy? Walking through the streets of beautiful Dubrovnik, Croatia? Flying across the alps, or into lively Berlin, Germany?
Seeing the famous Cliffs of Dover, UK or tasting the great Praliné in Belgium? Or their french fries which are second to none?
We are offering guided pilot tours through Europe. These tours are flexible and we can accommodate nearly all wishes you might have.
Including museums, be it aviation or other ones. Tours of airplane factories can be organized too. Tours of breweries, German or Irish? Sure. Including the tasting.
If you truly want to indulge in European lifestyle and food, let us locals show you around, the nicest bars and all hot places.
No hassle with local ATC requirements and different aviation laws in every single country. Let us do the work while you enjoy the flying.

You'll be accompanied by a professional pilot/instructor and can chose to either organize a chartered aircraft by yourself or tell us your needs and we'll organize it for you.
If you want to log the time, we make sure we can get an US-registered aircraft. Cirrus, Grumman, Piper you name it. And yes, all our pilots are fluent in English, so no language barrier popping up on you.

Get ready for the trip of your lifetime, start by mailing us. We're happy to serve our worldwide customers. And we're proud that they like and recommend us.